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Intuitive Systems, Inc. was founded in 1997 when two McMurry University Computer Science graduates teamed with a McMurry University Biology professor to develop a simulation for the microbiology lab.  Alumni John Parker and Lon Outland were working as software engineers and wanted to start a company but had no product; Dr. Gary Wilson had a vision for a computer simulation of the microbiology lab but not the skills to develop it.  Within a year they had a working prototype of VirtualUnknown™ Microbiology.

In 2000, the software was demonstrated at the ASM Conference on Undergraduate Education meeting in Pomona CA. That summer the software was demonstrated at the Slice of Life/Computers in Healthcare Education Symposium conference at the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City UT, where it received one of three prizes awarded for excellence in software for medical education.  Over sixty software packages were entered in the competition from over a dozen countries found on four continents.  VirtualUnknown™ Microbiology was the only winner not developed at a medical school. Soon after, the software was placed in the 7th Edition Media Update of the Tortora, Funke, and Case Microbiology textbook. 

More recently, VUMicro™ 3.11 has become a staple at a number of colleges and universities internationally for delivery of a wetlab simulation for microbiology courses.  With the growing demand for online solutions for science lab courses fulfilling requirements for healthcare programs, Intuitive System, Inc. is working to make the virtual experience as true-to-life and useful as possible.  The new software VUMIE 2012™ takes the next step, with an aggressive development program planned for the next few years to further strengthen and expand the software's simulation of every aspect of a micro lab experience.

Here are the individuals who have contributed to the success of this company:

john John Parker MD is a graduate of McMurry University with a major in Computer Science and minor in Biology.  After working as a software engineer in the defense industry, John entered the field of software development and support for financial institutions where he managed his company's customer support for North America.  While working full time and starting a new business called Intuitive Systems, Inc., John received his masters in Technology Management from UT-Dallas.  He left his career in software and entered Texas Tech University School of Medicine, graduating as the President of his class in 2008.  After a residency in OB/GYN at celebrated Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, OH, John now practices in Ohio.
gary Gary Wilson PhD is a Professor of Biology at McMurry University in Abilene, TX.  He received his doctorate at Texas Tech University and taught at Texas A&M University before arriving at McMurry.  VirtualUnknown™ Microbiology was conceived and developed during his 14 years as Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences and later the School of Natural & Computational Sciences.  Gary has now returned to the classroom and is involved in teaching microbiology and research with undergraduate students.
lon Lon Outland JD is a graduate of McMurry University with a dual degree in Math and Computer Science.  He worked for a number of years in the defense industry, writing software and solving problems for civilian and governmental customers.  Software written by Lon was installed on the most important aircraft operated by the US government.  Like John, Lon also received a masters in Technology Management from UT-Dallas while working full-time.  He left software engineering in 2008 to attend law school at the University of Texas where he was editor-in-chief of Volume 16 of the Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal.  He now practices law in Texas.
marc4 Marcus Wilson MIS is the newest member of the Intuitive Systems team, joining us to do Java development for VUMIE 2012™.  Marcus began the re-creation of VirtualUnknown™ Microbiology 3.11 software in Java during his junior year at Baylor University and has provided a "student's perspective" on what works and what could be added to improve the software.  He is a 2011 graduate of Baylor University and completed his MIS degree at Tarleton State University while working as a Java developer for an insurance company headquartered in Abilene, TX that has been rated as one of the Top 25 "Best Places to Work" companies in the US.

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